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Landscape is an all encompassing term. It includes trees, shrubs, plants, soils structures. In essence it is what creates a sense of peace and tranquility for those that enjoy beautiful landscape. It is also a reflection of one's personality.

Just like people, Trees, plants and shrubs require periodic care whether it be pruning or nutrition. At times nature does play tricks landscape and allow it to be attacked by various invaders: Fungal infections, insects and yes even viruses. So, like humans, if one keeps a plant healthy, they can often overcomes certain invasive critters and survive. If not, then they are too expensive to replace.

Trees are another matter altogether. There are several species of Fungus that attach Trees. Once attacked, here is really no cure, you can only keep the tree as healthy as possible. In many cases, by the time someone is called, the damage is done. You can actually start to see the tree decline..years or decades of growth are disappearing before your eyes. Then there is the cost of taking out the tree before it fall on your home or family member.

You question how quickly a tree can die? Look at Sudden Oak Death disease that attacks certain species of Oak Trees and it is in Southern Monterey County. If an Oak is sufficiently infected and the trees is allergy stressed, the tree can die in a matter of a few months.

How about the borers that you really don't see until you see fluids drip from you trees, or the defoliation of a tree due to Moth larva. Need I go on.

We offer a full range of service for prevention and control of Plant, Turf and tree diseases and insect infestations. We diagnose, treat and maintain landscape properties for both residential & Business setting. These services can include a full diagnoses of soil structure, diagnoses, treatment of control of many types of infestations of plants, Turf and Trees. We can also Provide full residential and business weed control. We serve San Luis Obispo County, Santa Maria County, Monterey County, Nevada County, Placer County and El Dorado County.

How you can evaluate whether you need intervention:

Geanral Landscape:
  • Plant leaves yellowing, dark veins or spots on the leaves.
  • Leaves eaten or chewed or turning dry and brittle.
  • Are there visible insects on stems, leaves or at the base of the plant?
  • Does the plant have a wilted look even after fertilized or watered are there branches, twigs or stems dead or dying?
  • Does many of the veins on fans have dark appearances. Do you see holes or mounds next to plants that are stressed?
  • Is there a whitish powder on the leaves?


  • Is there a sparse canopy in portion or all of the tree, do you see dead limbs, twigs & branches; are there leaves that are brown and brittle throughtout the tree?
  • Do the leaves have dark spots or curling or have webs forming in the curl? Are the leaves sticky to touch?
  • Does the leaves appear to have a whitish covering?
  • Is there fluid dripping from the trees leaves or bark. Are there any type of fungal growths at the base of the tree?
  • Do you see a lot of small flying insects in and about the canopy or worm larva falling from the tree?

If you answered yes to any of the symptoms above, the there is some need for intervention.

For in depth info on tree diseases go to. EWL&P utilizes this injection system exclusively for Tree disease management. Trees may not respond to treatment if severely infected with Borers or Fungi. If your tree is severely infected, it is wise to treat surrounding trees to prevent the spread of the infestation of Borers etc. The earlier treated the greater the chance of survival. Think in terms of the cost of survival versus removal of the tree

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Landscape License

As for a Department of Pesticide Regulation License, there about a dozen categories ranging from water treatment to Plant Husbandry. The license Landscapers use is considered a Category B, QAL or QAC. The QAC allows for incidental applications of registered chemicals for basic maintenance gardeners. A QAL allows for a company to hire, train employees in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of Landscape problems utilizing State and Federal EPA Registered chemicals.

It should be noted that a licensed company is better trained to resolve your landscape issues and you are also better protected should there be issues of damage to your property and are closely monitored by the County Ag.Commissioners office.

Pest Control

Interior & Exterior Pest Control Management that specifically targets problem areas - all year long.

Landscape Diseases

From plant and turf diseases to gopher, ants, and bird infestations, we will provide the solution for your landscape.

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